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2018 - Ready or not...

2018 Here we come! not quite ready! Just went in and reorganized my room and yes got a little excited about what is in store for the upcoming year!

So what's new? What am I getting ready for? First, the month of January is BIG on Martin Luther King, Jr. 
We read a lot of books, like  Martin's Big Words - here it is on you tube. CLICK HERE.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech, I Have a Dream ...kindergartners think about their dreams.  We talk about how important it is to Dream BIG!  We are talented in so many ways and can accomplish so much! Here is a slide show of one of their dreams... what they want to be when they grow up... here is an example from 2014...we use the web site for these scenarios.

Mrs. Wittenberg's class 

One of the wonderful things about kinders is they accept everyone for themselves - they really don't think about color, religion, age....(they think I am 25 - another reason to love kinders!) 
So really they are amazed at listening to stories about MLK jr. ... what a message of peace and equality to teach about! I am always surprised and impressed how they discuss this important topic. MLK jr has so many famous and important quotes I are a few.

Brain pop also has a free video on MLK, jr. You can click here!

This really gives way to a lot of discussions. I created this rebus book to go along with our MLK, jr. week of activities! There is a short rebus story and also a writing activity that goes along with this. My students love using the pictures to tell a story.

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