Every Child Deserves An End Of The Year Award

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End of The Year Awards?

    I have a personal bias about End of The Year Award Ceremony.  I feel that every child deserves at least one reward.  They couldn't have spent a whole year with you, and not done at least one thing right.  I do know it is hard to smile and give an award to the difficult trouble maker in your class, but you as a teacher could be the one to acknowledge this child, that does need emotional support!

Two reasons for this bias:

First:  My children went to a school that only gave two good citizenship awards for each class.  One for a girl and one for a boy.  Because I focused my energies during that time at the urban/ low income school where I taught, I was not the P.T.A mother who showed up each week.  Of course, those children of these parents were always the ones recognized.  My daughters, who were good in school (alas, not angels at home) never understood this.  I think all good kids should be recognized for being a good citizen if they deserve it,not a select few.

Second:  I was teaching in a school in which the students were called forward to receive their awards. Every child who went forward, was able to stay up front, until everyone was recognized. They had smiles from ear to ear. 😀  
     I looked over where the pre-school children sat. Their teacher had given awards to all of her students, but one.  He was left sitting all by himself on the gym floor, while everyone else in his class was up front. 

 Tell me that that four year old child didn't feel upset!    😞  

 Later I offered to give that teacher a certificate to give to him, so at least he could go home with some recognition.  She responded, "He doesn't deserve anything.  He was always bad and I am glad he is moving along!"

 As teachers we are suppose to teach the whole child.  I think this teacher, missed the memo about every child. 

  I hope he found a better, and caring teacher in Kindergarten.

So what to do with the child that has plucked your last nerve all year.  


Here are some ideas!

  • Fantastic Story Teller
  • Most Expressive!
  • Creative in Cleaning Up the Room
  • Fastest Runner
  • Lunch Room Enthusiast
If you get stumped on what to give ask a colleague for a suggestion.  

Even if it is "Happy to Have Had You In My Class!  Good Luck in the Next Grade!

Organizational Tip!

Put certificates either in a file folder or large envelope for each child.  Then on the front write the name of the certificate for easy recognition. That way you only have to hand out the one envelope or folder.  Saves time and keeps the certificates neat.  

I always collected them as they sat down to hand back out in the classroom to be put in book bags.

If your school doesn't do a big assembly.  Then invite parents for a grade level assembly, or one for your own class. 

Great parent involvement and PR!

Here is a free sample from my newest award resource. 

Here is the complete set of editable and non-editable resources.  Check them out, and save with the bundle!

by Learning Whimsically at Mickey's Place

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