The Unexpected and Fascinating Joy of Making a Sand Castle

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Sandcastle Delight

I went to the beach last week, and for the first time in 70 years, I made a sandcastle, with lots of help from my family!  I never knew what important skills it would involve.

This post is for all teachers and adults,  who go to the beach, enjoy the surf, walk the beach, collect sea shells, and just sit in the sun. 
 It is for all adults who think building a sandcastle is only for kids.  😎
That was certainly how I always felt, that I would look silly playing in the sand!😚😅

My first visit to the beach was when I was 14.  Then, it was not expected for a teenager to play in the sand.😞

Next visits to the beach came throughout my adult life.  Every time I walked a beach, whether on the Atlantic Coast or Pacific Coast, I would see families making sandcastles, and admire their work.  Never did I think I could make one. 😫

Adults didn't play in the sand.😭

Therefore,  at the young age of 70, I found out that it is hard work to make a sandcastle.
 Luckily, my grandchildren took me  in hand and showed me how to play in the sand. 

 (I wasted so many years.)

Tools Needed!

It helps to have a bag of sand toys!  If not use any container for a mold.  But first, wear a sun hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

  •  My grandson said," Just fill this bucket with sand, and then pour water in it."  So we did.  We found out that made the sand in the bucket like cement.😞

  • Next, my granddaughter said,"No you have to dig down into the sand and make a hole.  Then fill the hole with water."  We did.  We then found we made a form of mud.

Still Building!

  • An older granddaughter, who is in college came along, and sat down, and showed us what to do.  We dug away a space.  We added wet sand to molds, flipped them over, and sometimes we made a great cast, but sometimes it was a do over.😀

Insights From Others!

  • It didn't matter what we created.  It was the challenge of making anything that would retain it's shape, while we discussed ways to make it better. 😁 


  • Our sandcastle at the end, wasn't outstanding, and certainly didn't look like what I have always have seen in pictures.  😅


It was our creation! 

 It was PRICELESS to us!

The best part of this exercise was that we were all involved.  A grandmother, her daughter, and her grandchildren having a memory together at the beach!😉

So follow my suggestion, if you go to the beach, be silly, play, have fun and make memories. 😁

That is what is IMPORTANT!

Personally, now I know that I will have to take some sand tools with me on subsequent beach visits, and HAVE FUN IN THE SAND!  😀


by Learning Whimsically at Mickey's Place

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