Boost a Child's Confidence Through Play!

7:30 AM

How can you boost the confidence of a child through play?
  • Give lots of praise when your child plays well.

  • Use age-appropriate toys that challenge your child's understanding.

  • Gently encourage your child to play with puzzle toys.

  • Aim for your child to increase learning in small stages by providing a variety of play opportunities

  • Let your child choose what toys to play with, most of the time.

  • Prove that you are interested by watching your child at play.

  • Be sympathetic when your child becomes frustrated in play.

  • Avoid comparing the way your child plays with the way another child plays.

  • Brag to your friends and relatives about your child's play achievements in front of them.

  • Give your child a cuddle sometimes during play.

  • HAVE FUN!!

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by Debora Marines

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