Art for All : Everyone is a Super Creative

1:22 AM

Art for All : Everyone is a Super Creative

We are all artists. Sometimes, we just don't realize it or take ownership of it. 

I bet you or someone you know has used one of these phrases before:

I can't draw.
I'm not an artist, but I try.
I am just not creative.

Well, I am here to tell you that none of it is true. As an art teacher and arts integration specialist, one of the foundations of my practice is the believe that Art is for All. In other words:

Everyone can draw.
Everyone is an artist.
Everyone can be a super creative.  
Sometimes all it takes is the right creative prompt to get started. 

Creative prompts come in all shapes and forms, but some of my favorite include:

1. How-to-Draw guides

3. Using Basic Shapes to Draw

4. Sketch Shape (This is such a fun, silly game that kids LOVE! You can read more about it here.)

What is your favorite way to get the creative juices flowing? 

by Amanda Koonlaba, Ed.S.

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  8. "Art for All: Everyone is a Super Creative" resonates deeply! My Jumpy Kitten agrees, often adding her own creative flair to our artistic endeavors.


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