Ways to Mark the Start of a Virtual School Year

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One of my favorite things to do with my daughter before school begins, is back to school shopping. We always drive an hour away to head to a bigger city filled with all the stores! We buy a new back pack, lunchbox,  pencil box, notebooks with cute animals, folders, crayons, glue, all of the supplies imaginable. Then we head off to get some new outfits. We usually end up leaving with enough new outfits for every day of the month! This is our tradition to mark the beginning of a new school year.

Then on the first day of school, she will pack all of those new, shiny supplies in her new backpack, hold a 1st day of school sign, take pictures on our front steps, then she is off to school for her first day!

Well, this year is going to look a little different since most schools are beginning virtually. Since we will be doing school from home do we need all the new supplies? What about the tons of new outfits, are they needed either? And what about that first day of school picture that we always take? I mean, we are still at home like we have been since March so should we even take a picture this year? How are we going to show our kids and students that summer has ended and a new school year is beginning?

Here are some fun, simple ways to help you mark the end of summer and beginning of the school year with your kids and students:

  • Try to keep things normal like they were in the past. Get some new supplies to use during virtual learning and get some new outfits they can wear when meeting virtually online.
  • Take a first day of school picture. Maybe have a sign that says 1st day of Virtual (insert grade)
  • Take a picture in front of the computer with the teacher on Zoom
  • Take a car ride around the block and back to your house to "pretend" you just arrived at school. Take pictures as they walk back in the house like they are walking into school for the first time. Do this again at the end of the day.
  • Pack a special lunch that they can eat during lunch.
  • Set up an area in the house that is designated for school time. Let them help organize and decorate it so they have ownership of the space.
  • Go to the school and take pictures outside of the building before school begins.
  • Decorate the wall behind where they will sit for Zoom meetings.
  • Keep routines just like a normal school day. Routines are so important!

What other ideas would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

by Julie Davis

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