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 It’s Pumpkin Everything Season - let’s do some Pumpkin Math! 

Let’s start with measurement! Pumpkins are such interesting fruits (yes, that’s right!). A great way to start measurement is by talking with students about estimation. We don’t always have official measuring tools with us, right? So learning to compare objects to units you’re familiar with is a super handy skill to practice. Pumpkins are great for estimating and measuring circumference, height, and weight. Students can create word problems for their pumpkins, too! I love having students write their own word problems and then swapping with a classmate to solve. 
What about a pumpkin patch? Pumpkin patches can be great settings for lots of math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, area, and perimeter. 
Pumpkins and pumpkin patches are also great topics for graphing!
One of my family’s favorite fall activities is roasting the pumpkin seeds we scoop out of the pumpkin before carving it. In addition to being delicious, pumpkin seeds are also fun math manipulatives! Pumpkin seeds are great for small number problems, and perfect for building arrays. If you don’t want to roast them yourself (which I understand-it is a lot of work!), buying prepackaged seeds and giving a handful to each student is a fun way to do math during this fall season. 

I love using this simple Pumpkin Investigation Unit to do some fun pumpkin math! Happy pumpkin season!

by Robyn from The Snodgrass Smart Store

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