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After teaching for 29+ years, the biggest difference I see from now as to way back when is the amount of visual information provided to learners. I think this has made learning beginning skills so much easier.

What must you do for math learners?

Use Videos

That's right, use Youtube videos to practice and reinforce skills for learners. Here are the best 3 I like to use in math.
Once students are able to write these digits, any number can be written. The clue for this video is to make the students write the number in the air along with the song.
This is the best video to keep the students from getting confused about those tricky teen numbers. There is so much more to those ones than putting them in the beginning of the mber.
I do watch a lot of different videos about counting to 100 to keep it fun, but this video is a favorite year after year I think it is the bright, bold colors along with the fun tune.

You can see the other videos I use year after year in Best Videos to Teach Math Skills on my Teach Magically Blog.

Play Games

Children learn through games. All standards can be taught through games so make it fun. I usually teach/play the game with the entire class to show the basic rules and concepts. Then I provide the game for use in centers. Changing the clip art keeps the students engaged throughout the year so I really only teach the game once unless we have issues.
Play Roll the Dice. Roll the dice and write the number on a graph to see which number gets to the top first a fun game. Adding dice makes the tedious handwriting practice fun.

Check out Color the Jelly Bean to see the other skills developed by playing games.

If you work on math facts, check out Math Fun. Your students will love the fun chant that goes with the game.

I hope you have  Magical math lesson daily!

by Debora Marines

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