Leaving My Bag at School (or in my car) Is Making Me an Awesome Teacher

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We have been in school for 6 days.  Of those days, I have brought some work home at night/over the weekend, but many times it has been left on my desk, or if I "bring it home," it has sat in my car.

I am a better teacher because of it.

I am not going to get all preachy about "Take care of yourself first," or "Teachers put in long hours already/Too much is asked of teacher/Etc.," or "If the teacher ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  But.....it's true!

I have vowed this year to think more about me and how I can be a better teacher for my students, and quite frankly, cutting myself a break.  I pour a lot of myself into school and my students.  I do get a return, and 6 days into the year I am feeling much better than I did when I wrote this post on my blog about driving the struggle bus.

I love my job, and I love the kids, but I love myself, my family, and my life more.  That needs to be a priority.

I no longer feel guilty when I sit and watch the MN Twins game with my son, without my computer open on my lap.

I no longer feel guilty going to bed with only 3 of my 10 things on my school/email "to do" list done.

I no longer feel guilty when I pick up a book to read and get lost in it.

I no longer feel guilty if I don't respond to that email until the next day during my prep.

Wearing many hats and roles can be a difficult juggling act, so I am giving myself permission this school year to make mistakes and "drop" a few balls once in awhile...I need to be a happy person first, before I can be a great teacher.

When I do the things mentioned above, I feel GOOD.  I am happy, and not just faking it.  I wake up feeling refreshed, not stressed.  I am ready to take on the day knowing that I can't do everything.  I CAN do my best and be present for my students when at school, but also present for my family when I am at home.

What are you doing to put yourself first?  Any tips or tricks to share?  I'd love to hear!

by Sara from Draz's Class

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