Sequencing Activities

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One of my favorite skills to teach in the fall is sequencing.  There are so many fun, engaging things you can do to help make sequencing come to life for your students!

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Cook!!  Have your students use a recipe to make something.  In the fall, I love to have my students make applesauce in a crockpot.  Really easy to make (and your classroom will smell amazing all day long!)  As your students cook, have them work on reading and following the directions.  I like to take photographs as they do each step, which we then make into a poster.  While your food is cooking, you can have your students talk about transition (sequential) words to help them describe how they made the food, put the steps in order, and even write a how-to paragraph/essay about making the food.  I have a fun applesauce how-to/sequencing activity in my TpT store that my students love to do each year!

2. Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  Have your students write down all the steps for making a peanut butter sandwich.  Then have volunteers read aloud their steps while you act it out.  Kids often leave out many details (like spreading the peanut butter with a knife onto a piece of bread- they'll often just say put peanut butter on the bread, so take the peanut butter container and put the whole container on a piece of bread without opening the lid).  This will help the kids see how important using details while sequencing really is!

3. Write how-to essays!  Have the kids pick their favorite activity and describe all the steps for doing it.  It could be anything at all - playing soccer, doing origami, playing an instrument.  Bonus would be to have them actually teach the class!  I have a bunch of how-to sequencing activities - check them out here.

4. Talk about transition (sequential) words and display them in your room.  I constantly refer to our transition words that I have on my window (I use my windows as extra bulletin board space).  Grab these transition words (on cards with apples on them - I love to make my classroom feel more like fall!) to add to your bulletin board!

Here's a sequencing fall FREEBIE for you!

How do you teach sequencing in your classroom?  Share below!

by Lauren

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