Math Videos that Rock!

8:19 PM

Music plays a big part in my classroom.  We use music for signals, brain breaks and routines.  We sing, we dance, we laugh and we learn.  Here are 5 math videos that my students LOVE.

1.  Comparing Numbers with The Number Eating Alligator.

It does not matter what grade, every student I have taught has loved this song!

2.  Teaching Money with the Coin Song

Another popular one.  

3.  Numbers in the Teens (Start with a 1) 
When I taught Kindergarten, those pesky teen numbers stumped many of my students.  This video really helped students master them.

4.  Place Value
I hear my kids singing this alllll daaaay when I show it.

5.  Telling Time
I love this song because it gets kids up and moving!

by Crystal @Primary on the Prowl

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