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A constant goal for me is to read more non-fiction books to my students as well as add more non-fiction titles to my classroom library.  Here are some ways I'm working toward this goal.

1.  Read Non-Fiction Picture Books While Students Eat Snack.

I always read a chapter book at snack.  This week I'm reading:
Click on cover to read more at Amazon.
In this heart-warming story, Aaron walks many miles to his job at a lodge/hotel in Zambia.  One day - upon arrival - he finds a baby elephant thrashing in the pool.  With the help of the gardener and other men, Aaron rescues the elephant who is then taken to an elephant orphanage.  Aaron and Zambezi (the name given to the baby elephant) develop a special bond.  My students are enthralled with this story which gives me encouragement to read more non-fiction at snack time!

2.  Use Bonus Points to Buy Non-fiction at Scholastic

On my two recent book orders, I only ordered non-fiction books for my classroom library:

Click on the covers to read more at Scholastic.  Also, I highly recommend these biographies by Brad Meltzer which are full of information and fun to read!

Carson Dellosa Guided Reading Packets

I purchased this non-fiction packet to use during small group reading:

These packets contain colorful and engaging passages that focus on a variety of skills.  Plus, the kids love the stories!

A List of the Best and Newest Non-Fiction Books for Children

While researching books for this post, I came upon this list on  Amazon  that features the best and most recent children's non-fiction books such as:

How do you incorporate more non-fiction into your reading?

by Susan K.

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