Five Fun Fiftieth Day Activites

7:30 AM

When is your 50th day of school!  There are many fun things to do for the 50th day!

1. Dress Up and Sock Hop

Dress up and have a sock hop! Play some great 50's music! Shake, Rattle, and Roll (1954) is a favorite!

2. Count Coco Puffs

Count 50 Coco Puffs! Yep! Cocoa Puffs were marketed in the 1958. Each child gets 5 little cups and uses a ten frame to count 10 coca puffs to place into the cup, Then all cups are combined to make 50! YES! We then eat the chocolatey goodness!

3. Watch Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo  

Cinderella was made in 1950.

4. Read Madeline's Rescue 

It won the 1954 Caldecott Award.

5. Play with Playdough

It was invented by accident and was a kid's toy by 1956. Check out the research!

Check out a video for other fun things to do at Teach Magically  or other fun ideas at Teach Magically 50th Day of  School...hula hoops, Alphabits to name a few!

by Debora Marines

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