Five Fun Sight Word Activities

7:30 AM

Sight words are words that are most frequently used and words that can’t necessarily be sounded out, so they need to be memorized. Learning to read these words quickly will help with reading fluency thus increasing comprehension.

Play SWAT! Lay out a few words. Say a word and first person to SWAT it gets a point.

Play Hide and Seek! Hide a few words around the house. Find and read the words!

Play Memory! make 2 sets of cards. Shuffle. Then pick and read! Make this game easier by using fewer words. Make it harder by saying 3 rhyming words after a match.

Play Dig for Words! Hide copies of the words in a bin or rice. Search to find the words and read or write the word.

What a video! This is cool one!

More ideas can be found on my Research and Sight Word Blog!

Just starting! Be sure to check out how to teach Reading Sight Words.

I hope you can make learning sight words fun! What other ideas do you use?

by Debora Marines

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