Do you know Odd-One-Out? A Critical Thinking Strategy

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Ahhhhh March, we meet again.  Testing season is officially just around the corner.  As you begin reviewing for End of Course exams, I wanted to share with you a favorite strategy I used with my students to incorporate critical thinking.  It's so versatile, and if you have a class set of whiteboards, very easy to use!  It's called Odd-one-Out.

Here's How it Works:  

Students will choose between 4 terms, numbers, graphics, etc. that is not like the others.   I like to choose ideas to put in the boxes that have more than one answer, to require students to think more critically.  To start, I draw a 2 x 2 grid on the white board and label the boxes A - D.  Students write their answers on their white boards, explaining thinking.     


There are so many applications with this strategy!  Start by writing 4 terms in the boxes.  I like to think of words with interchangeable parts of speech based on usage in the sentence. 


Answer #1:  D:  Fish does not follow the rule for regular plural nouns.
Answer #2:  D:  Fish is verb.

Math Application:

Try this one!  Based on how your students think of how numbers relate, they can come up with various answers!  

Example 1:

Answer #1:  C:  14 is not dividable by 3.
Answer #2:  D:  9 is an odd number.

Example 2:

Answer #1:  A:  55 is not a prime number
Answer #2:  C:  7 is not part of the fact family. (5 x 11 = 55)

There are so many possibilities!

I'd love to hear how you've used this strategy with your students to prepare for testing or to review concepts.  Please share in the comment!

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by Stephanie @ Spivey Sparks

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