Hey Teachers...Give Yourself a Break!

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A mama friend posted this article the other day on Facebook, and it not only resonated with me on the mom level, but also on the teacher level. (Dear Mama: You're Not Doing It Wrong, It's Just *That* Hard by Diana Spalding.)

As a teacher, I think we need to hear sometimes that's it's okay if not all of our students master the content.  It's okay if you don't write all the details out in your lesson plan book, let alone use coordinating flair pen colors.  It's okay if you forget to change the dates on the calendar until mid-month, at which point you decide just to leave them because you're just going to forget to change them in another week anyways.

It's okay to be human.

Of course, we all want what's best for our students, and want to see them be successful.  If you don't agree, you should probably change your profession.  However, we have to cut ourselves some slack when it comes to doing it all.

Those teachers you see on Facebook or Instagram who are doing it all....truth is, they aren't.  They are showing you what they want you to see and believe.

That teacher down the hall who looks like they have it all together....they probably forgot to submit attendance on time, or missed hall duty, or are good at faking it.

If you have ever thought about quitting your job because it's just *that* hard and frustrating and overwhelming....don't worry, that's normal.

If you have ever gone to bed smiling because that one student said that one thing or had that one lightbulb moment throughout the day....don't worry, that's normal.

It's okay to say no to Happy Hour on Friday (or hide in your closet with a row of Girl Scout cookies) because you want nothing more to go home and be alone in peace and quiet, with no one calling your name, or touching you, or drawing you a picture.

It's okay to have a happy folder of those pictures and memories from students, and pull them out when you have had a rough day, need some reassurance, or even just because.

On coffee number 4 of the day?  You're doing fine...but maybe cut back a little so you don't get the jitters.

Ever cry in your classroom, dread the Sunday night blues, or driven the struggle bus to the start of a new year? You're not alone....been there, done that.

We ARE human.

Teaching is hard.  It's next to impossible to find balance.  You are not going to be able to do it all.  So give yourself a break and just know that you're not alone, and it's okay to not be perfect 100% of the time.

Personally, I have really had a hard time with this, giving myself a break, this school year.  I am slowly coming to terms with it all and giving myself permission to be human.  It hasn't been easy, but I am coming around.  Some fabulous teachers on social media have helped me through this, as well as some wonderful colleagues and a supportive spouse (who doesn't question my cookie choices.)  I think we all need to give each other a break, and help recognize when a fellow teacher needs a pep talk or support.

Here's to finishing the school year strong.  May the odds be ever in your favor.

by Sara from Draz's Class

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  1. Totally! I think we're more likely to forgive others than we are ourselves ~ I'm very guilty of this! This is timely advice!


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