Remote Learning Routines - Morning Meeting

9:21 PM

I've been thinking about classroom routines that worked for my class back in the spring. This year, I plan to start small and choose just one routine to establish at a time. The first classroom routine I am establishing is having morning meetings.

Last year I wrote a post about class circle/morning meetings. Some of the tips for getting class meetings started won’t work for virtual learning (such as the snake activity or the human knot, for instance), but many others will.

Here are 10 fun activities I use regularly.

1 - ask a question and allow every student to respond. They can respond in the chat on Zoom or Google Meet, they can respond to a Google Classroom question or on a Padlet wall, or you can call random names and let students respond verbally. (The Popsicle Sticks app is great for generating random names, similar to having names on popsicle sticks in your classroom. This helps ensure that you include everyone, not just kids with cameras on who are raising their hands.)
Some fun questions to ask:

*If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

*Give a compliment or an appreciation to someone in our class.

*If you could have one wish, what would it be?

*Share one rose (good thing) and one thorn (challenge) from your weekend or from the past week.

*Share one thing you like about our learning situation right now and one thing you would change.

*If you could be an animal/tree/season, what would it be?

*Share a sight/sound/smell that makes you happy.

*What is something that has made you smile this week?

*Who or what are you grateful for?

2 - Would you rather questions are fun too. (Rachel at Minds in Bloom is my go-to resource for great questions.)

5 - Share something about the day from Days of the Year (obviously not all of these are appropriate to share with kids, but I can always find one that makes for a fun discussion!).
6 - Share the wonder of the day from Wonderopolis.

7 - Discuss something from Kids’ Book of Questions.

8 - Go on a Friday field trip together (Here’s a link to my blog post of field trip options!
9 - Play a favorite song. 

10 - If you need more ideas for games or fun activities, here's my post about activities to do in Zoom or Google Meet.

I hope you got some ideas for how to make your morning meetings a positive start to the remote learning day!

by Kelli from Still Teaching Still Learning

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