Text Structure and Why It's Important to Teach!

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Happy January and Happy New Year!  Our blog is one year old ~ WOW!  That's a big accomplishment, and we're still going strong ~ thanks to you ~ our loyal readers!

This month, I'll be focusing on:

Why it's important to teach text structure and a freebie
Our standards-based report card requires us to assess out students in these two areas:

*Demonstrate an understanding of story structure.

*Determine and summarize important ideas and details of a text.

Both of these standards are crucial and intertwined when it comes to reading comprehension.  This year I decided to ask my students what story structure was; well, that was an eye-opener!  At that exact moment I knew that I had to teach this skill explicitly.  Here are some highlights of my "story structure" adventure!

Reinforcing Story Structure Via Morning Messages

Once I realized how difficult it was for the kids to define/describe story structure, I starting bringing attention to how our read-alouds were written with a beginning, a middle and an end.  In addition, we discussed the characters and their problems as well as the resolution to the problems.

After a few days, I began to incorporate these ideas into our Morning Messages:

Morning Message

Morning Message

middle of a story


Why is learning about text structure important?

When readers can identify the structure of a text, they are able to go back to find and review the important information needed to understand the story and put all the pieces together to form the main idea.  These skills lead directly to summarizing which is so important.

Reinforcing Story Structure & Freebie

My students love these mini-books; they look like this:


*I contacted ABCYa about using their word searches, and they said it was fine as long as I gave credit to their site.

Once you fold the page longways and then shortways, it turns into a mini-book.  This is the first mini-book I made for Story Structure ~ I'd love to hear what you think so please let me know!

Click here on this image to get your freebie:


I hope your students enjoy these mini-books!  Please share how you make teaching story structure engaging ~ I'd love to hear your ideas!

by Susan K.

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