Martin Luther King Jr. Day Online Resources

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Your students know that we get out of school for a day because of Martin Luther King Jr., but do they know anything more than that? Do they know the freedoms that he fought for? I compiled a list of some great resources to use when teaching about MLK Jr. These are all kid-friendly websites and most of them are free of any ads. 

Do you teach about Martin Luther King Jr. each year around this time? 

Dream Big,
Hilary @ Mrs. Tech

I Have a Dream Too! Speech (A definite win in my class!)
The Meaning of the King Holiday (written by his wife)
Full MLK Jr. Lesson for Grades 3-5  and Grades K-2

Bonus: QR Codes for Videos on MLK Jr. which are part of my MLK Jr. Webquest!

by Hilary

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