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Hello there!  Thanks for visiting today.  I was looking through some old posts on my blog, Happiness Is Watermelon Shaped!, and I found an old link-up about monthly Pins.  I emailed the blogger who originated the link-up but never heard back so I decided to do this post:

FYI:  Click on all pictures to be taken to the original Pin!

Writing Bulletin Board

WOW!  That's how I felt when I saw this Pin ~ I'm looking to revamp my writing bulletin board, and I'm in love with this idea:


 Staying Organized = No Papers on the Desk!

Genius!  Keeping my desk neat and organized is a struggle for me - I tend to make piles upon piles until the desk is covered.  I already use a milk crate for my student mailboxes so using a crate to organize the piles on my desk sang to me:


Time Filler Activities

Brilliant!  This Pin has new ideas on how to fill those extra minutes with educational activities:

Teaching Fourth: 14 Fabulous Time Fillers for Language Arts

I hope you'll considering linking up some of your favorite Pins at the bottom!  We'd love to see them!

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by Susan K.

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