Teaching Math with Dice

7:30 AM

Fun Number Sense

Working and playing with numbers can be so much fun for students. Dice can make it so simple! I have dice I make from paper and fun dice from the dollar store in all different colors.

What can you do with dice?

 Roll a dice, say the number and jump to find the number. Combine numeration with gross motor skills. You can find many more examples in Math Number Sense Fun.

Addition Fun!

Practice adding by rolling 2 dice and finding the total. You can get the free resource by clicking on the picture. Check out my Addition Math Fun blog post to find a fun rhyme to play.

Graph Galore!

Roll a dice and write the number. A fun game to focus on number sense and the digits. Graphing on a chart also adds another dimension of math fun.

 Math Resources!

Here are a few fun resource I use to help with numeration. Check them out if you teach math.

What fun things do you  do with dice?

by Debora Marines

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