Names Are Awsome! I Know Mine is the Best!

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Names Are Awesome!

I Know Mine is the Best!

Everyone loves their own name.  It makes them unique!

No matter what age, all students want to be noticed and found special in every classroom.  

Teachers can use the uniqueness of their students' names to foster so many wonderful learning activities.

Integrating language skills with math skills, using a child's name will foster many meaningful and simple activities in your class.

❃ Each morning students can come in and sign in, using different question prompts.  

✾ Using this technique will help a teacher to quickly assess who is absent, while students are involved in graphing, counting, and reflecting on the daily 

How to do this easily:

  • Each student can write their name on an index card, or other label.  

  • If you have a magnetic board or file cabinet, attach a magnet onto the back of the student's card.
  • Every day as they arrive they will place their name under the category that answers the daily question.  

  • It is a good idea to also have a container of snap cubes by this Sign-in Center

  •  After the student places their name in the correct category, the student will also place a snap cube under the list of names.  (The reason is if the answer is zero, the student will provide a visual with the snap cube to facilitate data collection.)

  • At some point during the day, the students can reflect on the data provided for that particular day.  (This data would make a great journal entry for each day of the year.)

Here is an example:

   How many letters are in your first name? 

✾  Have numbers for the range of letters for your students.   This can be usually from 3 - 12.  

From this simple graph, data can be reflected on, by the greatest, least, equal, and also combining the cubes for addition and what ever else the discussion leads for reflecting. 

Here are a few questions you might want to use during the start of school.  

Remember talking about a student's name can be done, any time of the year. 

✱How many letters are in your first


✶How many letters are in your last 


✵How many letters are in both your 

first and last name.

✴How many a's are in your first name?

✶How many b's are in your first name? 

(This can take you through the whole alphabet.)

✶How many vowels are in your first name?

✸For five days, you can ask how many vowel a's do they have? 

e's, i's, o's, and u's.

✳Is your name shorter than five letters?

✮Is your name longer than five letters?

✯Does your name only have five letters?

✮How many syllables are in your first name?

✬Where would you place your name in alphabetical order?

After exhausting first names, talk about their last names, and middle names.   

The purpose of this simple sign-in question is many faceted.  

😊It will recognize the uniqueness of everyone's name. 

πŸ˜ƒ It will give the students easy practice for data collection and reflection.  

πŸ˜‰It can tie into your curriculum for math and language arts. 

Have Fun With Your Amazing Name!

πŸ‘€  Look For Upcoming!

Name Activities for Classroom Use

Please follow my store Mickey's Place to be notified when they are posted. 


by Learning Whimsically at Mickey's Place

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  1. I LOVE all these name questions and ideas! I do a morning message every day and need to come up with a daily question. You've given me some great ideas ~ thank you!


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