Introducing 3 of the BEST Summer Dramatic Play Centers

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Whether it is the beginning of the year, end of the year, vacation bible school, or kindergarten readiness program teaching in the summertime should be extra fun and engaging. With these 3 dramatic play centers your students will beg to spend more time in the classroom. The best part is students will be learning and practicing skills and concepts while they play. 

Center #1: Camping

Who doesn't LOVE camping in the summertime. Camping is the perfect way to escape from routine and explore the great outdoors. So why not bring the laid back atmosphere of camping into the classroom. Setting up this environment is simple- start with a small tent. And of course every campsite needs a campfire. Why not create one using brown painted paper towel rolls along with red, orange, and yellow tissue paper. Cut, design, and glue the materials onto a flat cardboard piece to resemble a fire. Glue small rocks in a circle to make the fire pit and you'll have a FREE dramatic play prop. To finish setting up this center with environmental print, a fishing pond, outdoor cooking recipe cards, activity sheets, and so much more try using my camping dramatic play product. Click Here.

Center #2: Swimming Pool

Summer wouldn't be summer with out going to the swimming pool. But have you ever thought about bringing the swimming pool inside? This is one of the most unique and fun dramatic play centers for kids. To set up this center blow up a small kiddie pool and fill it with blue fish tank rocks or blue ball pit balls. Then use magnetic letters and numbers to hide in the swimming pool. "Swimmers" can dig through the balls or rocks to find letters and numbers. Swimmers could identify each letter or number as they find it to practice alphabet knowledge and number identification. Kids will enjoy pretending to be life guards, swim instructors, and swimmers using signs, props, and activity sheets. For more fun ideas consider purchasing this swimming pool dramatic play product. Click Here.

Center #3: Airport

Where would you like to travel on vacation? California, France, New York, Japan? Children can pretend to travel to all these places and more at the airport. Children can make a passport with all these places and stamp each off as they pretend to visit them. To make it more realistic add pictures of the different places they want to travel. Along with short movie clips or fun facts for the kids to learn about each place. Don't forget to include a world map or globe so they can see how far they are traveling. Want printable passports, word walls, props, and activities? Check out the Airport Dramatic Play Center.  Click Here.

So whether you go camping in the woods, swimming at the beach, or fly to some big city these dramatic play centers will bring education and enjoyment this summer. Click and print the image below for a FREE activity to use with your children. Enjoy!!!


by Becky Cothern

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