New Year, New Rules? WHAT?

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Are there new rules for a new year?  Have things really changed drastically from Dec. 2016 till Jan. 2017?  It always seems as if all the hard work from the beginning of the year until the break has magically disappeared.

Teachers don't think so...we want to start teaching right away to hit those standards or meet that goal, but we all know many students arrive back at school after a long break and it seems like the beginning of the year.
So...teachers! STOP! and focus like it's the beginning of the year, to make a Magical rest of the year!

Focus on Positive Management

Expect to start again like the beginning of the year MODEL! MODEL! MODEL!  Don't expect to pick up right where you left off before the "break."  Observe the class and then decide what needs refined.  Keep it positive and reteach when necessary.

Focus on Relationships

It's not about the curriculum!  It's about students!  Research shows teachers with high quality student relationships have fewer discipline problems.  Spend some time and talk about the holiday, interests of the students, or even tell a joke or two.  Don't forget about those beginning of the year type, morning meetings...Enjoy rediscovering the fun in children.

Focus on Enthusiasm

Remember the positives of this great smile, laugh, and think happy thoughts!  You'll be surprised at how much better you feel.  Before every lesson, give a little laugh and think about the interesting points.  The excitement will be kicked up a few notches!

Focus on Your Words

I tell my class at least once a week, "The best students are in my classroom!"  And they are!  Data shows the growth. Smiles show the happiness. Kindness shines through everyday!  Really try to say something special daily.

Domino Game for Rhyming Words

Focus on Fun

Yes, learning should be fun!  It can happen with common core and all the district/state mandates!  Add a review game (turn anything into a game), turn on music, jump on a table, make a class saying, or sing a silly song!

Go, Enjoy each and every day!

After 29 years of teaching, I have learned that a teacher's attitude can make a classroom magical and smile and enjoy.  It goes way too fast!

What MAGIC can you create in your classroom?
and every day!  See more at Teach Magically

Debora Marines

by Debora Marines

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  1. Great ideas Debora! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Love these ideas! Such great reminders for returning to school after winter break!

  3. Love these ideas!!! Amazing!

  4. I love your idea about focusing on your words. Finding truthful, positive things to say will really improve the culture of your classroom and help your children reach their goals. Thanks for sharing!


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