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Hi! This is Gloria from 2 Scoops of Kindergarten! Welcome to our new collaborative blog, Conversations from the Classroom. We are so excited to be here with so many fabulous bloggers. 

So happy today to be talking to you about Science! I am not sure about your classroom but all my class has to hear is the word Science and they start to cheer! Why? Because everyone can succeed at it, everyone brings their own knowledge and background experiences, it involves hands-on-learning, and it is not quiet! This is the one subject that some of your students feel confidant and want to participate in. In Science class everyone can contribute - (we feel in our classroom that "a great idea, takes a lot of ideas")
Sometimes Science is hard to fit into a busy schedule and we run out of time - Oh no - please don't! 
Here is what I have found helpful and my student can't wait until this time of week! 

This year we have introduced The Scientist of the Week! Here is how we set the stage to bring the most excitement to our lessons!
The demo stage can be any sturdy box, cube, bin which will be used to model your activity.  For our demo stage we used a crate from Menards (Home Depot or any hardware store would do) and a piece of whiteboard attached to the top. Leave the back open to put your science materials inside. The purpose of the demo is to "hook" the students into the lesson and engage their curiosity.  Secondly, it can be used to assess their prior knowledge on the particular science subject that day. The third purpose is to allow your students to visualize themselves as actual scientists. But...don't make the demo your entire lesson ~ all of the students need to be involved in the activity. :)

Ok, we have the stage, now we need the Scientist of the Week
We have a little science lab coat and some goggles for our Scientist of the Week to put on. You can only imagine...the students can hardly wait til it is their turn!  A child's lab coat can be purchased at a costume store, Oriental Trading or on Amazon from $5.99. The goggles can be purchased at your hardware store like Home Depot, Menards,.. in the word working area or from Amazon too. :)

The Scientist of the Week comes up to the front and assists with the demonstration and/or models the activity for their classmates! Their fellow students are glued to their Scientist at the front of the room. 
If your students are like mine ~ they will LOVE this! 

Do you do something special to "hook" your students into a lesson, we would love to hear about it!

Here is a freebie for you, click here.
Picture for your demo stage

Add this to your jobs for the week

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