5 Valentine's Day Songs Your Students Will Love

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It's Crystal from Primary on the Prowl!  I've kinda been slacking on my blogging duties, but I'm getting back in the game.  For this post, I'm bringing you 5 fun songs to sing with your students around Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day songs

1.  Heart Song for Kids by The Kiboomers
This is a twist from the classic BINGO song.  Instead of spelling and clapping B-I-N-G-O, students can sing and clap along to H-E-A-R-T!

2.  Boom Chicka Boom- Valentine's Day by The Learning Station
It's not possible for me to hide my love of The Learning Station songs.  The original Boom Chicka Boom has been popular with my students for years so I was really excited when I found this Valentine's Day version.  In this song, children will be shaking hands, making hearts and giving hugs.

3.  If You're A Kid (Valentine's Day Remix) by Harry Kindergarten Music
This version of the song is all about name people and things that you love.  I like the simplicity and visual cues that Harry Kindergarten provides-- especiall the word "Stop" after he tells them to hug a friend.

4.  Valentine's Day Song by Jack Hartmann
As long as I've been in education, Jack Hartmann has been a staple in the classroom.  I remember my Kindergarten co-operating teacher from my student teaching using a tape of Jack Hartmann songs!  This Valentine's Day song is all about showing people how you care.

5.  5 Little Valentines by The Kiboomers
I have only recently discovered The Kiboomers but I'm a HUGE fan of their songs and videos.  This video does not disappoint.

Did you love these songs?  You can follow me you YouTube to find a playlist of these songs and others great Valentine's Day songs I have found!  You can also follow me on TPT, Facebook or blog to get more great ideas!


by Crystal @Primary on the Prowl

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