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As I sat and pondered what to write for this blog post, typed and deleted, my phone was buzzing and blowing up.  I was getting Facebook messages and comments, Instagram Direct Messages, Instagram comments and likes, and texts.  All from fellow educators across the country, many who I consider friends, although we have never met face-to-face.

Since joining the Social Media world of teaching, I have experienced my fair share of ups and downs, but mostly highs.  I love experiencing someone else's classroom, getting a glimpse into their world.  It's so interesting to me to see how different standards and material vary from state-to-state.  We all have the same goal in mind, just different routes and ways to get there.

I have succumbed to the low feeling of not having a pinterest-worthy classroom at times, until I #realitycheck myself and remember those posts are showing you what they WANT you to see...they are staged and meant to look that way.  I have been scrutinized and questioned about my own posts and intentions.  The way I see it, someone, somewhere, is always going to have something to say about anything that you do and post, so I have learned to have a bit of a tougher skin and not let those comments bother me as much as they used to.

Many teachers talk about finding their #teachingtribe, and although we are separated by miles, I am happy to say I have found mine!  I have some groups I belong too that I can't wait to see what these educators and teacherpreneurs have come up with, what they have to say about an idea I throw out, or whom I can confide in and ask questions to.  I am so excited to meet many of these ladies IRL (in Real Life) in the next few months; most notably at the TpT conference in Nashville come July.

I know my experience is not typical.  But, I do know that Social Media can be a great tool to utilize when our profession gets lonely at times.  Some days, I want nothing more to go into my classroom, shut my door, and teach.  But other times, I need support from someone removed from the situation, someone who can give me sage advice or simply say "me too."  I have been really focusing on my product creation for Teachers Pay Teachers the past year, and these people have been an unmeasurable amount of support in growing my store and helping me realize my potential.

The reason I share this is simply to encourage others to find a SM platform that works for them (I like IG and FB) and use it to become your best self.  The great thing about SM is that if someone isn't inspiring to you, you can unfollow them.  If someone is being unkind, you can block them.  You can make sure your feed is filled with what you WANT to see; to become a better educator or teacherpreneur.  Use SM as an educator connection!

I would love to connect with you and help you start on your journey, or help you grow if you have been at this awhile!

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by Sara from Draz's Class

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