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Hello there!  I can't remember how I stumbled across these fun picture books by author Nick Oldland, but I'm sure glad that I found them! 

Background Story

This series of five picture books centers around the adventures of three main characters:  a moose, a bear and a beaver.  These best friends learn important life lessons through their haphazard adventures.  The books are easy to read, and the illustrations are colorful and bright.  My students LOVED them!


Each story has a "fun" problem.  For example, in Up the Creek, the main characters take a canoe ride and literally end "up the creek."  To solve their problem, they need to use teamwork and creativity!

Puns are fun!

My third graders are enjoying and understanding puns so if you or your students LOVE puns, you will LOVE these books which are full of the creative use of language.

Click here to read more about the Life in the Wild books on Amazon.

Amazing Connection = Author as Pajama Designer!

While I was researching author/illustrator Nicholas Oldland, I learned that his job was designing pajamas for his family's company ~ Hatley!
I  own and LOVE my pajama bottoms from Little Blue House by Hatley.  I bought LOTS of pajamas from this company for Christmas presents this year.  Here's the pair I own (being worm by someone else ~ I would never bare my mid-section!)

Read more about this author's life here.

If you read these fun books by Nick Oldland or buy Little Blue House by Hatley pajamas, please let me know your thoughts in the comments!  I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting the blog today! 

by Susan K.

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