Build Gross Motor Skills

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 Do you have difficulty with students falling out of seats and trouble sitting still? Or difficulty with handwriting?

The problem could stem from the lack of gross motor skills. 

What are gross motor skills?

Major muscle co-ordination
Body awareness –posture and control
Balance –ability to adjust the body symmetrically
Spatial orientation –awareness of how their body is positioned in space and in relation to other objects or people
Crossing of the midline –opposite from one side of the body to the other
Laterality –awareness of the left and right sides of the body

After many years of teaching, I learned a lot of information about best practices to build body strength and help students from OT's.  You can also see other ideas at Teach Magically Build Better Writers.

1. Crab Walk-Instead of walking around the room and down the hall, do the crab walk!

2. Up and Hold-Think of plank! You know how that feels! For any practice, spelling words, counting to 100, saying the ABC's, etc.
3. Lay on Belly-Best for watching movies or under desks for reading books. When you see students that roll to back or have to sit up, you know they need to work on gross motor skills.
You really can't expect students to control small muscles if the large muscles need work!
What do you do to build large muscles in students?
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by Debora Marines

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