Are You Done? 5 End of the Year Ideas so You Don't Have To!

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Let's face it!  Most of us can't right now. Can't think, can't plan, can't, just can't, come up with anything else!  I've been like that for about two weeks!  You know how it is.  You get home and just sit.  I'm lucky if I can make dinner and put on a few good Netflix episodes (that would have made a good post!) Anyways,  with all that can'ting comes the dilemma of what to do with the last few days of school-after all, you can't Netflix that!  So, here are a few freebies found around the web to help you out! 

Can't #1
End of the Year Goodbye Stars

These look adorable and so easy to make.  Proud to be Primary takes you through the steps on how to create and use these stars to show kids how much they appreciate each other.  This would be something easy to have older kids trace and cut out on their own, or,  have your aide or a volunteer cut them for you!  And, if you are a scrapbooker, it would be super easy to pull out papers that you feel you may not use to create these!  I also love that she brainstormed ideas to write so that if you have "that" kid, there are options for them to write without hurting feelings.  Easy enough for those "can't" moments and memorable enough for a student to keep!  

Can't #2
My Future's So Bright...I Gotta Wear Shades! 

This idea has gone around the web for awhile, but Joey Udovich over on TpT has condensed it and put it all together as a print and go product-for FREE!!  The nice thing is, you can modify this, including just doing the sunglasses.  Super fun, super cute, super easy!  Another great for those "can't" moments!  

Can't  #3
Good-bye Waves

This adorable idea from Teaching in Room 6 is super easy to do and allows your kids the opportunity to be creative!  Students trace their hands and use them to wave good-bye to the year! That means time filler!  Tracing, cutting, coloring, and writing are all included in this "can't' moment!  And, NO COPIES, in case you are out of your copy budget!  You can actually take this one as a classroom grade!  Brilliant!  

Can't #4
Flyin' Till the End of the Year

Honestly, when all is said and done, there is nothing like flying paper airplanes!  The Thinker Builder has done just this, and given you a freebie to use as well! With this fun activity there is the use of technology along with hands-on activities to fill time!  Students would have a total ball completing these activities, and so would you!  Perfect for those "can't" moments when you still have Science grades to gather!  

Can't #5
Memory Wheels

There are a number of sites that have these cute memory wheels.  The trick was to find one that was free!  Because, let's face it, when we get into the "can't"  mood, we just can't pay for them either! (However, I do love this bike!)  Anyways, students would have a blast thinking about and filling in these wonderful wheels of fun!  I've got to say, this one has gotten me up and beyond my "can't" to thinking about doing these in the next few days!  

So, there you have it.  When you "can't" you can just check out these simple ideas to get you to the end.   And, before you know it, it will be summer and you "can" again!

Happy Last Days of School Everyone! 

by Julie from The Best Days Classroom

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