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One of the many reasons I look forward to summer break is because I get a chance to read for pleasure.  I look forward to sitting on my front porch or beside the pool and losing myself in a good book. I also cannot wait to take my own children to the public library to pick out a sack full of books.  Their excitement is contagious as they make their choices.  The cannot wait to climb into our car and pull out the books on the way home. My wish for my students is the same.  I want them to spend their time off enjoying reading, however for many families this is not how they plan to spend their break.

The Summer Slide is a huge problem for many students.  The gap continues to widen between students who read at night and during summer breaks when compared to those students who never spend time practicing their reading.

Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook said, "Neither books nor people have Velcro Sides - there must be a bonding agent - someone who attaches child to book." We need to be this agent of change who encourages our students to read, not just during the school year, but in the summer too.

When we assess our students in the fall, many students often regress one or two guided reading levels.  In order to curb this trend, my school decided to implement a school-wide summer reading program to motivate students to read.  I hope your school does this too.  However, if there is not a program offered at your school, I have a freebie to help you to motivate your class to keep reading over the summer.

Summer Reading Bingo has a variety of activities and challenges for students to complete that require them to spend time reading.  As a classroom teacher, you can offer a small treat or certificate to students who bring the bingo card back to you in the fall.  It is an easy strategy to implement and it could be just what your students need to keep reading over the summer.

Grab this freebie so your students will have fun reading this summer!

Have a terrific end to your school year and a wonderful, and well deserved summer break!

by A Spot of Curriculum

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