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QR codes, now what? How can you use them in the classroom.... QR codes are simple to make and easy for students to use in the classroom. They are great for listening centers, write the room, read alouds or research projects. QR codes help students stay on track and focused during assignments, plus they are just so much fun to use!!! If you work with young students you know the hassle of them constantly clicking on something they shouldn't. Or clicking the red X and getting out of the app completely! Ahhh you gotta love the joys of working with techology. QR codes help students stay on task and stay focused. QR codes make great listening centers and are even great for sending home information to parents. If you have technology in your classroom, iPad, iPod or chromebooks using QR codes is a great way to use it! Check out these step by step instructions and I've included a freebie

QR codes are great for listening centers. Students scan and listen over and over to their favorite stories Great for comprehension also. Students can use a reader's response journal to write about the book they are listening too.

Check out our latest Zoo Animal Research project or Critter QR codes! What a great way to end the year!

by The Primary Sisters

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