Are you on summer break, but thinking about "next year" already?

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So I was wasting time on Facebook and I came across this TeachersPayTeachers post asking for educators about when they start thinking or planning for back to school.

WANTED my response to be, "ME?! Not until school starts again and workshop week!"

My actual comment:

Some days I wish I was that teacher who could turn their brain off for three two months and just really focus on me.  But, as I commented, I think it is better for me to embrace ideas when they come and use that drive and energy to start getting ready for next school year.

Day 1: I slept in, read a book, went to the pool, and then we had family movie night...
Day 2: I slept in, read a book, went to my son's baseball game, tried to put my mind into veg-mode...
Day 3 of summer "break": I embraced my teacher-brain and starting working on things for my classroom...

I know I have slightly over ambitious plans for this summer, but some things I would like to work on or get done for school are:
  • Finish my additional teacher credits (I only have 3 classes to go!)
  • Revamp my social studies teaching timeline--we are early America to pre-Civil War....I only get through the Constitution every year
  • Look at science data and really hone in on weak areas in my teaching/curriculum
  • Scour book sales for more mentor texts to use in the classroom  <--I have a DonorsChoose Project listed for this, but you can never have too many picture books!
  • Create items that I will use in my classroom, like novel studies and labels, that help to build classroom community, increase rigor, make my classroom my second home, and keep me organized!
Do I envy teachers that can "turn it off" for summer break? 

Do I feel guilty when I am working on school stuff during the summer? 

Am I a better teacher because I do some work over the summer? 
YES--I am PERSONALLY better and a stronger teacher for my classroom because of what I choose to do, but I am not "better" than any other teacher who chooses not to spend their time on curriculum or work.

Is either way wrong or right?

I think it is important for teachers to recharge their batteries and do things that make them happy over summer break all year long.  I go to coffee shops, read books, play Avengers with my son, etc. no matter the season.  I still have "summer brain" at times as forget what day of the week it is during June/July/Early August.  I am going on a girls' trip, taking my son to Chicago for a baseball game, going to wedding, and doing stuff that I can't do during the school year these next few weeks.  But, friends and family will still see me working on resources for my classroom, stalking the dollar spot, and hear me say "This one student of mine..."

It is okay to be that teacher that can't turn it off, and it is okay to be that teacher that checks out for break.

What are your plans over summer break?  When does school start again for you?  How do you spend your time during breaks?

**I know CFTC has many international readers and my summer break doesn't necessarily coincide with yours--feel free to share what you do over your breaks and more about your school year in the comments.  I love to hear from other educators!**

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by Sara from Draz's Class

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