Why I Don't Feel Guilty About Slacking Off in June

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I'm sure as many of you are reading this, you are well into your summer vacation.  Many of you may already be getting ready for the new school year that starts in 6 weeks.  But my school year isn't over yet. Gasp.  I teach in NYC and my last day is June 28th. That's right folks. June 28th.  So is it any wonder that I have been completely useless for the past month?

Two weeks ago, I got dressed, did my hair and as I turned to leave the bathroom, realized I didn't put on my bra.  (A teacher friend told me she did the same thing this morning.)  I haven't been able to make dinner more than 3 nights a week.  I skipped cleaning the house one weekend.  And all I think about while sitting in my classroom on my 10:30 (yes 10:30) lunch period is sitting in a bar and drinking.  Not fun drinking.  Sitting by myself in a dark, dive bar and drinking.  Because it's June 25th and I'm not done with school yet.

I'm sure quite a few of you are judging me right now.  I don't care.  I stopped apologizing for my complete lack of ability to do anything in June about 10 years ago.  I become quite stupid in June and very lazy.  It's hard to rouse myself to do anything and my favorite activity is sitting.  I have to force myself to stay awake until 10:30 because I'd be asleep by 8:30 if I didn't.

If you remember my post from last month, I was going to do a series on Google Apps for Education. Woo-hoo! It was going to be great, and it still will be.  Next month.

Normally I am a tightly strung, A-type personality, who wakes up in a panic because I forgot to do something.  I plan out my lessons months in advance, choose books for the new school year in March, and plan out my field trips in the first week of September.  Not having something done makes me nauseated.  So why don't I care in June?  Because I learned that is the only way I can survive the school year intact.

Take a breath, sit back and let the nothing happen.  It helps that I have never cared what people think of me and that I'm normally super efficient.  The few weeks that I do slack don't seem so bad because of the rest of the weeks where I'm productive.  So while I'm off tonight having a few beers at a street festival instead of doing anything, I'll be perfectly happy.

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  2. I hear you about June, been there....I truly feel for you and the kids, I know they're ready for vacation too. Why don't you have them work in groups and make review games that they can play. It will keep them busy and give you a break.

  3. No judgement OR guilt here either! My last month of school was survival mode too! Good luck as you finish out your year!

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