What does my child need to know before Kindergarten?

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WOW!! Your little kiddo is going to kindergarten soon..... But there are soooo many questions running through your head now right?! The main one:

What does my child need to know before kindergarten?!
Well let's break this down - 

Social and personal development skills: -interacting well with others Learning to share and play well with others is a great skill for your kiddo to master before kindergarten. Taking them for regular play dates with other children will stand them in good stead for the classroom environment. It is also important for them to interact well with known / familiar adults. Do you have friends or family who could come play with your kiddo for an hour or so each week?

Literacy and Language skills: Listening and speaking Speaking clearly is really important so your kiddo can get their message across! I bet you have heard them speaking clearly (albeit loudly!) when playing with their peers but it can be very different if nerves kick in. Listening to others is equally, if not more important as speaking clearly. This can be achieved through story sharing, asking your child to follow instructions when baking etc.

Alphabet: Knowing the alphabet via song or just reciting is so important. Being able to play matching and identification games with letters is great too.

Mathematics skills: Counting with and without objects Counting up to 20 without objects and counting objects up to ten is essential. Make the objects fun - their favourite toys, foods, etc mixing it up will keep it fresh. Identification of numerals and shapes Matching and identifying by name both basic shapes and numerals 1-10 is really important for your little one.

Developmental skills: Gross and fine motor skills Being able to jump consecutively on the spot, throw a ball with purpose, stack blocks, copy their name, use scissors, use a pencil, etc are all extremely important skills you can practice easily at home. Make them fun activities and your little one will be impressing you with their motor skills in no time at all!

Art skills Most kids love to get messy, so encouraging them to explore their surrounds and their world via art, music and dramatic play is going to get them set up for thinking creatively.

I hope this post has given you a lot of new ideas - if you have anything to add, please let me know below in the comments! :)

by ZippadeeZazz

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