FREE Resource eBook for Grades K-12, the 2017 Edition

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Those great summer days are almost upon us, and better still, most of you are on VACAY...Yaaaay!!! 

It's time to relax, kick back with with a Pina Colada in hand, let down your hair and enjoy your well deserved time off.   

In lieu of all this, I'm celebrating 1000 followers at my Tpt store by collaborating with a group of amazing sellers to bring give you some awesome
FREE resources for your classroom....aaaaaand  IT WON'T COST YOU A CENT!!!! 

I have the privilege of including three of my most sought after FREEBIES. Back to School Activities, Free Literacy Bundle with over 20,000 downloads, and, last but not least my Greek Theater Powerpoint preview which is actually part of a paid product. I hope to inspire you with these items for when you return to school in the fall. Never too early to begin preparing. 

Anyhoo, This groovy resource book has 89 pages with links to over 200 FREE resources from Kindergarten to Grade 6, Secondary Teachers and a group of very talented clip artists.

 We've thought of everyone.....aaaand so many subjects, from Mathematics, Literacy and History to the Arts with some wonderful Music resources as well as clip art for your classroom.  I don't think you can find a better deal anywhere!!!
Our amaaaazing teacher authors have donated some of their best free resources that are included in this ebook.
FREE eBook Download
WHY would we do this?
**We all want to get our products into your hands so that you have the necessary materials needed to be a top-notch educator. We support each other in many ways, including social media and projects like this freebie eBook.
Everyone loves a Freebie……and a way of paying it forward and saying thanks is to support this collaboration of sellers in the following ways:

**If you download a product please leave FEEDBACK on the sellers page. It is a simple and easy process and really helps to guide us with the resources we create.

**LIKE our stores and FOLLOW them for updates of new products as they are added.

**FOLLOW on SOCIAL MEDIA or SUBSCRIBE to blogs and newsletters so that you don’t miss out on special offers or Hashtag# sales that may be happening.

This isn't enough so we're having a sale, all items in my store will be 20% off from 6/09-6/11... you read right, that's ALL WEEKEND......


Deann atSocrates Lantern

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by Socrates Lantern

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