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Spinning is my workout of choice.  I always loved riding an exercise bike, and spinning takes this experience to a whole other level.  If you've always wanted to try spinning or to just learn more, read on for more information!

 The Advantages of Spinning!

How would you like to burn between 300 and 500 calories in a single workout?  It's possible when your workout includes spinning!  Now that summer's just about here, it's the perfect time to try a new workout in the air-conditioned comfort of a spinning studio!

What is spinning?

Spinning is indoor cycling, and it is a high-intensity, calorie-burning form of exercise.  Spinning classes focus on warm-ups, endurance, strength training, intervals and recovery. A spinning bike has a weighted flywheel and knobs to control the tension of the wheel so that you can get the feel of riding on a flat road, going downhill or climbing uphill. 

What makes the workout great or just ok? 

Different spin instructors play the type of music that motivates you.  To me, the personality of the spin teacher and the music make or break the whole workout.  Some instructors are so intense so if you're just starting out, you'd want a more low-key workout. Either way, you're in control of the tension of your bike, and you can ride at your own level.

In the spinning classes I go to, the lights are turned off.  The goal is for you to focus on your own ride and not compare yourself to the other riders in the class.

Warming Up

The ride always starts on a flat road.  There's little tension on the bike, and you usually remain seated.  Some instructors do warm-up exercises, and some don't.

Moving On...

Gradually the spinning moves on to adding tension; standing up (position 2); or bending from the waist and holding the end of the handle bars (position 3).  At the beginning of the ride, you'll add tension, take it off, do some sprinting, stand in different positions.  Eventually, you get to the hills and the mountains, and the tension gets much stronger.  

Tension is usually measured using numbers.  Each instructor is different, but for the most part, 5 is a flat road; 6 or 7 is going up a hill; 8 or 9 is going up a mountain; and 10 is the most resistance you can put on the bike and still make a complete circle. 

Spinning workout can last anywhere from 45 - 60 minutes.  The last part is the cool down in which you take the tension off the bike and pedal at your natural pace.

Any questions or comments

If you already spin or want to try out this workout, please tell me in the comments below.  I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for checking in today!

by Susan K.

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