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Don’t you just love the fresh smell of Spring Air? For those of us who live or teach in an urban environment, have you noticed this year how clean and fresh the air smells. In this time of crisis, at least the Earth is starting to heal a bit. Fewer cars means less air pollution, and sweeter air to smell.

Every Spring I like to do a simple poetry activity. It’s really easy and can be low prep if you want it to be. First, we do a class brainstorm. I like to set up 5 columns for the 5 senses; I see, I hear, I smell, I taste, I feel. Then we brainstorm the things we experience outside in the Springtime.

Next, we add descriptive words to our brainstorm.

Then we choose one description from each of the 5 senses and turn them into a sentence.  I write sentence frames on the board for them to copy.

The kids write their 5 sentences down.

Then I take them and correct any errors. And I cross out the sentence starter so that the kids can see what they need next.

Finally, they copy down the remaining words, and it creates a lovely poem. I like to display their poems inside a floral wreath.


 Check out this freebie which gives you worksheets and an art lesson on how to make a wreath from a paper plate.  CLICK HERE or  click on the image below to get your free lesson.

I’m really sad that I can’t do this activity with my class this year. I love walking past their wreaths on the wall. It’s such a beautiful and cheery sight.

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