Fun Shadows Experiment for Home or School

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Hi! I'm Meredith from Gore's Globetrotters. One of my favorite things to do each year is the Shadows Experiment! We study the Sun, Moon, and Earth each Spring so it's the perfect time to get outside and make some observations. This year will look a little different since we are learning remotely, but students will still be able to do this at home.

This experiment ties into our learning about the apparent motion of the sun. For many students, it's pretty mind-blowing to learn that the Sun doesn't move! It only appears to move as the Earth rotates each day. As the Earth rotates, our shadows change throughout the day!

Here's what you'll need to do the experiment:

Sunny Day
For the best shadows, you'll want a sunny day without any clouds in the sky.

3-5 Observations
You will go outside for about 5 minutes each time to make observations and fill out the observation sheet.

Shadow Spot
You'll want to stand in the same spot each time you go out to observe your shadow. At school, we would go to a sidewalk on the playground. At home, you could just go right outside!

Take it one step further and take a picture each time you go outside! This will allow you to better compare your shadows.

Recording Sheet
Click here to grab this freebie!

Students have always been fascinated by their shadows, and now they will know what makes them change throughout the day! I hope your students enjoy this activity as much as mine do.

by mere.gore

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