Spring Fun and Craftivities!

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Spring Fun and Craftivities!

Wow!  Spring is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get my antsy kiddos outside to burn off some of this energy!  If they can do some fun, hands-on learning?  Even better!  One of our favorite things to do in this beautiful, warm weather is to go for nature walks.  While we are on our nature walks, we can collect flowers, leaves and other interesting plants for our favorite spring project, Window Gardens!

What you will need for this project:

·        -Colorful paints
·        -Press ‘n Seal Plastic Wrap or Clear Contact Paper
·        -Colorful fresh flowers, leaves, and/or ferns
·        -Cardboard cut into frames or paper plates with the middle cut out

We collect our flowers, ferns, and/or leaves and name each flower (if we can) and paint the borders of our frames. Then, we press our flowers, leaves, and/or ferns onto the contact paper or plastic wrap in creative patterns or designs. Cover the back with more contact paper or plastic wrap to hold the plants in place.  Tape or staple the creation into your colorful frame.  My kiddos never get tired of making these beautiful creations and sharing them with family members and friends!

Also, I always take advantage of our nature walks to discuss many things about the science of plants.  Root systems, photosynthesis, and plant parts are just a few of the things we cover while on our nature walks.  We also discuss what parts of different plants we can eat!  We even sample some of the plants we talk about!

Along with these yummy treats I handout these color and labeling and cut and sort plant sheets for my kiddos to complete! You can grab this freebie here:

Hopefully this spring will be sunny and warm where you are and you and your kiddos can get out and enjoy your own nature walks!!

Happy Spring Friends!

Penley’s Pointe 

by Susan from Penley's Pointe

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