Welcome back to CFTC!

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We'd like to welcome you to CFTC, both new and returning visitors!

This blog was started as a collaborative effort back in 2016.  You can search through our archives and see many wonderful posts, from a variety of teachers/bloggers, offering advice, information, lessons, activities, etc.  As time continued on, we got busy, as educators often do, and the blog took a back seat in many lives (as it should!)

A few of us got to talking and brainstorming, and decided to revamp and revive the blog!  We invited old and new blog authors to join us, changed the focus a bit (narrowed it in on some topics) and have been working hard to make this a place for you, the educator, to come.  Whether you need to "talk" to someone, read a post to realize you're not alone, gather ideas for your classroom, etc., we are here for you.

We love hearing from readers and creating a dialogue, not just a one-sided discussion, so if you have a comment to share, have an idea to add, or want to read more about a topic let us know!  There are a variety of ways you can get in contact with us: leave a comment on the bottom of a post, DM us or comment on Instagram, check out our Facebook page, or gather ideas and posts to check out later on Pinterest!

We hope you find whatever it is you're looking for in your educational journey here on the blog.  With such an amazing group of teacher-bloggers coming together, we're pretty sure we have all aspects of teaching (both in and out of the classroom!) covered.  Happy reading, and please, join in on the conversations!

by Sara from Draz's Class

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