Spring Read Alouds for Upper Elementary

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Spring Read Alouds for Upper Elementary

Author: Shannon Maree Teaching

This tried and true list of spring read alouds for upper elementary is full of books both you and your students will love! The list is broken into categories with links to Amazon or Youtube for you to check out. 

Social-Emotional Learning

These read alouds support and encourage social-emotional skills like kindness, community, self-regulation, and processing change.

What Should Danny Do? The Danny and Darla series are popular choose-your-own adventure style picture books that help students work through common social situations. 

The Invisible String:  Perfect read aloud during this time of being separated from many friends and family. The Invisible String comforts students by showing how we're all connected. 

I Am Peace: A book that helps students find peace during chaotic times. If you like this book, you'll love this blog post all about mindful breathing for kids: Click here to check it out. 

Looking for no-prep ways to support your students' well-being? It can seem tougher than ever to help your students while we're separated for distance learning. Which is why I've created this  You can grab a free copy here: 

Poetry Read Alouds

Wet Cement: Concrete shape poems that students can use as inspiration to write a shape poem about their own spring topic. 

When Green Becomes Tomatoes: This book of poetry focuses on the beauty of all seasons. Highlighting the unique characteristics of each time of year. 

Feel the Beat: Dance Poems that Zing from Salsa to Swing: Students love the fun rhythm and beat to these poems that mimic popular types of dance. Excellent for teaching poetry elements like meter and mood. 

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Always a student favorite, so many fun options to choose from!

Earth Day Read Alouds

The Reasons for Seasons: A great non-fiction book for your next science lesson. Pick and choose the sections that best fit your science standards. This is a great fit for our moon studies in 4th grade. 

Seeds of Change: A longer picture book read-aloud that focuses on the amazing and empowering work of Wangari Maathai. 

Tree Lady: Another great true-story picture book of an inspiring woman. Kate Sessions forever changed the landscape of San Diego. 

What if There Were No Bees?:

End of the Year Read Alouds

Last Day Blues: Students can then you and the students can share your summer plans, what you'll miss about the school year, and what you're looking forward to about next year. 

The End: This fairy tale is written end to start and is great for reviewing cause and effect. Students can then write their own backward cause and effect end of the year stories about their school year. 

What are your favorite spring read alouds for upper elementary? Drop a comment and let me know below. I'd love to chat about them. 

Looking for other great social-emotional learning read alouds to build classroom community? I share my favorite in this blog post:  Click here to check it out. 

by Shannon Maree Teaching

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