3D Shape Game for at Home Learning

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Keeping kids busy at home isn't easy.  Keeping them learning, can be even more challenging.  Since we've been home so much, trying to come up with new and exciting ways to keep my students learning and active has been keeping me on my toes.  Because let's face it, they are not going to sit at a table and do worksheets all day.  I also don't want them to lose the skills we practiced in class.  

When teaching special education students, I find using relevant real world examples is always the best way to make new learning stick and to consolidate previous learning.   

This 3-D shape hunt game is easy to play wherever you are.  Pick a room or if you are very adventurous, the whole house and have the children search for different 3-D shapes.  Make piles in one central location, such as the living room or the kitchen table.  Have the children print labels for the piles and count how many of each they found. 

Ask question about what they have found:

What shape is the egg carton?
How do know?
How many faces does the speaker have?
How many vertices does the laptop have?

What shape is the container?
How do know?
Is it still a cube if you take off the lid?
Does a cube roll?
Does it slide?

Do cylinders and spheres have faces?
Do they have vertices?
If you squish the can, is it still a cylinder?
Do they roll?
Do they slide?

What shapes are harder to find than others?  Which shapes has the most?  Which one has the least?  Which shapes roll and which ones slide?  If children are practicing writing, you can have them write out their answers or pose their own questions.  What are they curious about?  If you would like a free tracking sheet and labels, click on the picture below.

Have fun hunting for shapes!


by A Special Kind of Class

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