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If you're anything like me, the last day of school brings a bunch of mixed emotions! I can feel excited, sad, happy, nostalgic and just about anything in between. Clearly, this year is even more emotional with students and teachers being apart on the last day.

Teaching 5th grade tends to be an even bigger roller coaster since I know they are heading off to middle school and it's their very last day in elementary and at our school. Between the cleaning, packing, yearbooks, and movie time, I always like to have a last bit of time together as a class sharing a book.

Here are some of my favorites from throughout the years!

Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg

This book is a sweet companion to the back to school book, First Day Jitters. The reader gets to meet Mrs. Hartwell again and her students are worried what she will do without them for the summer! My kids always love seeing Mrs. Hartwell again after reading about her on the first day of school.

Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds

I love reading this book on the last day of school to remind students that their voice matters! It's a great book to teach students about the power of their words and that one voice CAN make a difference.

Mrs. Spitzer's Garden by Edith Pattou

I actually love this book at the beginning OR the end of the year. The author likens Mrs. Spitzer's students to her lovingly tended garden - they both need nurturing, time, love, and care. This one always gets me a little teary eyed!

The Last Day of School by Louise Borden

In this book, everyone is excited about the last day of school. Matthew can't wait to give his teacher his gift, but can he find the just right time? 

Enjoy the last day of school with your students by reading one of these awesome books! 

If you need more ideas for the end of the school year, check out 5 fun things you can do during distance learning or at school!

Thanks so much for reading!

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