Digital Read-a-thon - Encourage Your Students to Love Reading

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Hi Everyone! It's Beth from Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher. I have been trying to rework some of my favorite traditions from my classroom and making them digital. One of these activities was a Read-a-thon. (You can read this on my blog HERE.) Here are some ways you can know host a Read-a-thon digitally. By doing so, you will help Encourage Your Students to Love Reading with a Digital Read-a-thon.

Digital Read-a-thon - Encourage Your Students to Love Reading

Note: Throughout the day of our Read-a-thon, I would schedule Zoom or Google Meet times with my students. This way, you can integrate activities throughout the day. It gives students mini-breaks from reading and keeps the fun going all day long!

Fort Creation

Since your students are at home, have them think creatively of how they can make a space to read. As a class, brainstorm a list of requirements. Some suggestions include a person has to fit inside and it should be comfortable. Give students a time frame like 30 minutes. Then have students share their creations. You can have a mini competition here. Awards can be given for the favorite ones or most creative. You can also just enjoy this time by giving students a chance to show how fun reading can be...if they are in the right location.

Digital Read-a-thon - Encourage Your Students to Love Reading

Guest Readers 

Normally, I would invite various staff members to read to my students. This may be your chance to get an author to come in and visit with your classroom. I know there are a lot of authors willing to visit with students in a Zoom meeting. 

If you can't get an author, you can still invite other staff members. This may be nice for students as they haven't seen all the familiar faces in a long time! It could also be fun to include some of your family members too. I know I tell stories about different members of my family to my kiddos. Think about how fun it would be if your students actually got to meet these family members and listen to them read!

Book Talks

Let students share the books they are reading. Since your students have been in quarantine, they have not had a chance to talk to each other as much. One of the things that hasn't been shared are books. This is a great time to change that.

Start off by picking a book that you would like to share with your students. Then decide what you want to include in your Book Talk. Some suggestions include the name of the book, author, brief summary (no spoilers), and why you think others should read it. Think about these things ahead of time because you will want students to share the same things. Then, give students some time to choose a book to talk about. This works out well if you give the students the assignment ahead of time and plan on sharing during the day of your Read-a-thon.

Bookmark Making

This one may be a tough one to do with your students because some of them may be lacking supplies. All students really need for this is paper, something to write with, and some creativity. Students can make and share their bookmarks with each other.

Flashlight Reading

Not all students may have flashlights, so this may be one that some students will need to sit out. However, students with flashlights (or a flashlight app) can turn off all the lights and draw the curtains and enjoy reading. This was a fun classroom activity that we would use during the school year. Even if your students have never experienced Flashlight Reading in the past, a Read-a-thon would be a fun place to try it out!

Digital Read-a-thon - Encourage Your Students to Love Reading

Change Locations

If you schedule your Read-a-thon on a nice day, have your students go outside and read. If that's not possible, pick different areas in the house and have your students read there. This will give your students the idea that it doesn't matter where they are, they can read anywhere!

Digital Read-a-thon - Encourage Your Students to Love Reading

The end of the school year is an ideal time to have a Digital Read-a-thon. You are already stuck at home. Focusing on reading will give students something try and keep in mind. Hopefully, they will continue what you do during this day the rest of the summer!

I hope this helps you with Distance Learning. If you would like more resources to help you during this time or just want more ways of becoming a less frazzled teacher, check out my blog or find me on Facebook or Instagram

Have a great day,


The end of the school year always provides lots of challenges for teachers. this year is even more difficult with being quarantined. Because of distance learning, teachers need to adapt beloved classroom traditions into online resources. One such activity is a Read-a-thon. This blog post converts the traditional reading event into one completely online. Create memories and encourage your students to become readers with this Digital Read-a-thon. #conversationsfromtheclassroom #cftc

by Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher

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  1. Flipgrids are also great way for students to share their books with their classmates! You can post their videos so that students can watch and comment on them.

    1. I will have to check it out. I haven't tried it yet but have heard of tons of great things about it!


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