Mother's Day Celebration and Craft

7:00 AM

For Mother's Day I always aim to provide my students and mom's an experience they will remember. My students prepare the entire day to celebrate our amazing mom's and everyone always left feeling special.

Before our Mother's Day Celebration

First, I send out invitations to all of the mom's to mark their calendars. I ask for them to come for a couple hours in the afternoon. Then as a class we start to prepare. We look up no bake recipes that they can easily make. We've made mini Oreo Cheesecakes, no bake cookies, and so much more. Also, to prepare for our Mother's Day celebration they write poems, thank you cards, notes, and coupons

The Prep Work

The day of our Mother's Day celebration the students are split into groups to make and prepare all of the goodies. They each have their own recipe card to follow and different jobs within the group. They bake enough for every parent and student. So they have to do a lot of math while baking. I really let them loose and made them be pretty independent. I think it's important for them to learn how to do the math and prepare the food for their moms. They always did great too!

During our afternoon session with mom's the kids read the poems, presented the coupons, read a book together, and served them the desserts and drinks. After everyone was done they completed a craft together.

Magnets with Mom Craft

Next, it's time for the craft "Magnets with Mom" time! To create these magnets students use craft paper, transparent glass marble beads, clear craft clue, magnets, and a one inch hole punch. Students will select the craft paper of their choice and use the 1 inch hole punch to cut it out. Then they will put glue on top of the colored craft paper side and glue it onto the marble bead. Next, students and moms will glue a magnet to the back of the craft paper and bead. These are perfect and easy to do!

The Most Important Thing of All

However, what mattered the most in the classroom was a celebration with their mom. For most of my students they never get time just with their parents because of siblings. So having this special afternoon gave mom's a chance to bond with their child and their child a chance to have their mom alone. This time together is so sweet and so special all of the mom's love this time to have this experience and that is what truly matters.

-Written by Crafty Curriculum

by Crafty Curriculum

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