Digital End of the Year Ideas

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Just because the circumstances are different, we can try to celebrate the remaining time with our students and do some things that will make it memorable for them. Take a peek at some of the fun Digital END OF THE YEAR ACTIVITIES I have planned. 
Every year I have been doing  End of the Year Themed Days with my students. They are so engaging and fun for the students. They are excited to come to school and see what the next theme will be. This year we will be doing Digital End of the Year Themed Days! Luckily, I brought my theme books home. Every day I will be reading a book to them via Google Meets based on the theme. I'm going to dress the part (with what I have) and try to make it fun. I'm hoping they will participate too. Here are the 6 days I have planned and what we will be doing to make it a little extra fun. 
  1. Beach Day - go outside on our beach towels, wear our tropical shirts and have a google meet. 
  2. Popcorn day - have our google meet with a snack and drink, and complete an experiment to see if popcorn kernels and popped popcorn sink or float. 
  3. Bubble day - we will be chewing bubble gum and having a bubble gum blowing contest.
  4. Ice cream day - we will be wearing a shirt that matches the color of our favorite flavor of ice cream and discussing our favorite summer treats.
  5. Camping day - we will be doing a campout meet in our homemade tents.
  6. Circus day - we will be wearing our silly clothes. I went to my costume tub and found a clown tie and nose to make it extra sill. 
In addition to doing those activities above, we will be doing some activities from my Digital End of the Year Themed Days too. I hope these end of the year ideas are helpful to you in some way. You can check out More End of the Year Ideas  here. 
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Stay safe!
First Grade Roars

by Megan Mitchell

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