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Hi!  I am Susan from Penley’s Pointe Educational Resources.  As a mother to five boys and one girl, I have always struggled to keep them entertained, challenged, and READING during the summer.  Of course, we spend A LOT of time outside, but I am always looking for ways to get ALL of my rambunctious kiddos to sit down and continue their reading.  I always worry that they will lose all of their hard-earned progress during the summer if they do not continue their reading.  When my older children were younger, we always loved to go to our local library and join the summer reading programs offered there. However, as my children got older and their obligations to sports, summer jobs, etc.  made it impossible to attend the summer reading programs.  So, I just decided to have our own summer reading program, only ours didn’t have to end after a few weeks!

To begin our own summer reading program, I would:

-head to the Dollar Tree for themed supplies, such as Luau or camping supplies and fun treat for prizes

-give each child a reading log to record their progress

-head to our local library to stock up on various books that would be of interest

-give each child fun challenges to complete, such as, reading outside under a tree, reading with a flashlight, reading to a stuffed animal, etc. 

My kiddos always loved these challenges!  Some of their favorites were reading outside, reading a book to a grandparent over the phone, or reading in a tent they made from blankets!  I have always encouraged my kiddos during this time to read poetry, non-fiction, books both on their level and below their level for at least 10 to 30 minutes, according to their interest and ability.

A few years ago, I made a fun packet to use with our summer reading!  It includes reading logs, bookmarks, book summary sheets for kiddos to fill out, a reading challenge sheet, and a certificate to give kiddos at the end of the summer!  You can check out the resource here:

No matter how you plan to keep your kiddos reading and this summer break, I hope it is filled with new adventures and lots of fun!

Susan Penley
Penley’s Pointe Educational Resources

by Susan from Penley's Pointe

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