4 Quick and Simple Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss

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It would be difficult to teach elementary school without acknowledging the contribution Dr. Seuss has made to children's literature.  His books are entertaining and engaging.  Many standards and topics can be taught using his books.

March 2nd is Read Across America Day.  I have always enjoyed using that week to bring Dr. Seuss and his fabulous literature into my classroom.  Here are my 5 favorite ways to celebrate!

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#1- Read the books!
I know what you're thinking-d'uh, of course I'm reading the books.  I encourage you dig deeper.  Dr. Seuss wrote 66 books, but some were published under his real name Theodor Geisel.  I like to feature some of the lesser known books during Reading Across America like I Can Read with my Eyes Shut, If I Ran the Zoo,  or The King's Stilts.

#2- Learn about the man!
Theodor Geisel deserves to be celebrated.  I really like this video!

There are lots of other videos on FB, but make sure you preview them before showing them to students.  Several of the ones I found mention how being caught with alcohol in his dorm required him to begin using the pen name Dr. Seuss.  Others have quotes with curse words.  Please preview ahead of time and think about the appropriateness for your age group!

#3- Use the books across the curriculum!
Dr. Seuss isn't just for reading.  

Read The Foot Book, have student's trace their feet and use the feet as nonstandard units of measurement!  Click on the picture below to read my blog post about it!

Read Bartholomew and the Oobleck and make oobleck in science to talk about states of matter.

Read The Lorax and talk about responsibility.  You can click on the picture below to read my blog post on it!

#4- Eat up!
I love serving green eggs and ham on March 2! 

While students are eating, I read Green Eggs and Ham!

How do you celebrate Dr. Seuss on his birthday?

by Crystal @Primary on the Prowl

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