Valentine's Day Decomposing

3:00 AM

Hey guys! Julie here from Big Ideas For Little Hands! Today I'm going to share a fun math activity that you can use in your classroom to help teach decomposing!

For the next few weeks, we will be working on fluency with addition and subtraction and decomposing numbers to 10. This is such a hard concept for students to grasp at this age. The more hands on experience they have with this concept the easier it is for them to truly understand decomposing numbers. 

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, what better way to practice this concept then with a fun Valentine's Day craft and some chocolate. Because seriously, who doesn't like to learn with chocolates!

Each child was given a "box of chocolates," some "chocolates," and a tens frame. 

They then use their chocolates to fill the ten frame using any combination of circle chocolates and square chocolates.

Once their ten frame was filled, they glued their chocolates to their Valentine's Day box.

Then recorded their combination to make 10.

They can also practice making different combinations and recording the different combinations they make on a separate recording sheet.

Would you like to give this a try in your room? Click below to grab a copy for your class!

Hope you are able to use this in your classroom! 


by Julie Davis

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